Mission and Vision

Together we have the power to fight Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Everyone can save a life

Our vision. 

The Live is Life Foundation believes in a Europe where no one dies unnecessarily of sudden cardiac arrest. This is a realistic goal: with the right level of awareness , increased availability of and accessibility to life-saving AEDs, and people that are trained in life-saving skills, we will be able to save many lives each year.

Creating a heart-safe Europe for everyone

Our mission.

We strive to improve the survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest up to 50%. This requires a united approach. With the help and support of individuals, organisations and ambassadors in many countries, we aim to realise our mission and work towards a heart-safe Europe for everyone. Together we can really make a difference.

Because everyone has the power and ability to save a life

Our goal for the coming five years

We will strive to install 100,000 publicly accessible AEDs and train 5,000,000 people in life-saving skills.

Get involved

We all have the power! Get in touch with our foundation and help us save lives across Europe.