In everything we do, we strive to make people aware of SCA and how to fight it. In collaboration with local partners, researchers and experts, we increase awareness via various ways.

We raise awareness

In everything we do, we strive to make people aware of SCA and how to fight it. We collaborate with local partners, researchers and experts in order to increase awareness by various means.

Everything starts with awareness. People need to understand why and how they can help to improve the survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest. It can strike anywhere, apparently at random.

1. Impactful network

Part of our approach involves working with impactful local partners with solid connections to the community. These include professional sports clubs, sports associations, schools, municipalities and churches. We support and educate member organisations on how to inspire, excite and educate their local communities through events and understandable content.

2. Free fundraising platform

Once people become aware of the risks associated with SCA and how lives can be saved, it is time to take action. We have developed a free-to-use fundraising platform for all active countries. It is effective and intuitive to use. A campaign can be created in just a few clicks, and people can get started on raising both awareness and funds together with their local community. Our peer-to-peer fundraising approach enables us to reach a large network of people who inspire each other to work on the cause.

3. European Symposium

Every year, we aim to organise a large-scale European symposium. This is a great occasion where researchers, scientists, partners and interested parties can meet, engage with and empower each other. Bringing together our network and the knowledge and expertise they have is one of our fundamental ways of raising awareness and inspiring communities.

4. Heartsaving content

By means of a monthly content series, we engage with survivors, rescuers and doctors through inspiring conversations. We explain how to recognise sudden cardiac arrest and how to respond. We get to know survivors and their rescuers. How would they like to inspire other people?

5. Scientific commitment

We plan to initiate a European research effort to align research and provide reliable information and reporting in the field of sudden cardiac arrest.

Together with our experts from the advisory board, we will maximise our efforts to raise awareness and activate participation in our projects.

We believe that anyone can save a life

And we will help them know how.

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