Get skilled

We strive to educate 5.000.000 Europeans in the next 5 years.

We make people skilled

Learning how to follow an emergency lifesaving procedure and use an AED are crucial. That is why we offer modern methods and systems for training ordinary people to save a life and be prepared for an emergency. We organise various programmes and activities aimed at improving people’s skills and raising awareness.

Training, training, training

An AED alone will not save lives. All projects via our platforms involve training elements: on-site CPR training by a licensed instructor and online informative courses about the subjects.

Training events

In collaboration with our local partners, we aim to organise a free, large-scale training event in each participating country every year. This will be held at an appealing venue with relevant side-events, with the aim of uniting people to inspire, educate and train them. We do this with a clear goal; to make as many people as possible aware and capable of saving lives.

Our goal

Our goal is to educate and train 5.000.000 people all over Europe. Next, we will install 100.000 publicly accessible AEDs. This combination will save lives.

Get involved

We all have the power! Get in touch with our foundation and help us save lives across Europe.